Dev Farm

We have earned a good amount in the groundnut cultivation in Rajkot , but at what cost? Just for money we have to leave all our social life and family?! This was the main reason why we sold Sanghavi Farm of Rajkot . But after that success we decided to increase the farming area at Umbergaon only. Mumbai is very near to Umbergaon so I can give attention on farming as well as enjoy my family life.

One day we got news that a 30 year old farm was on sale! Why? The reason was exactly the same as that of the Rajkot farmer. In the farm there were many Coconut, Chickoo, Mango trees and many other types of trees too. The farm was developed with The Modern Method of Farming and the owner had invested lacs of rupees for 30 years. The Balance sheet showed an investment of Rs 2 /- and an income of just Re 1 /- ! Many trees were standing like electric poll for the last 30 years. No doubt as per the tree's religion the blossom use go well, but before it turns into fruit, premature fruits use to fall off. Why?, Because the Army, Navy and Air Force of the trees were disturbed to perform their duty properly. We can say in other words that that was a miscarriage by a woman. Almost all the treatment was done to get good production but the result was zero. The owner had many businesses so he could manage losses up to 30 years but now he was fed up. So he was selling his farm. In the farming community when a farmer's son does not want to go into farming then who will show their interest in a non-profitable farming business? This is the reason why many farmer Patel families have migrated to America from India .

Mr Save told me, “Mr Ashok! If you have any interest then purchase this farm, I will show you the result of Organic Farming in just six months."

We purchased the 30 years old 11 acers land from Mr. Modi in the year 1995. Everytime God had blessed us, so we kept our farm name as "Devfarm" (Load's Farm). One more time we followed Mr. Save system of Organic Farming.

Mr. Save advised me to change only the irrigation system. The old system was ring and flood irrigation, which we closed with organic manure and changed it to the platform and trench system.

The tree, which had never given any production on such trees we reveived blossom and fruits just within six months. With the help of Mr. Save's system we have just helped the trees to perform their religious work to give fruits to human, which they could not perform due to the wrong modern method of farming.

By this unbelievable result of Dev Farm, Mr. Save proud to all villagers that he is a real lover of the green world and the animal world. In the real sense he is a protector of the environment, farming community and humanity.

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