Jain Farm

Many a time I think why people are not faithful to their motherland? They migrate abroad for the sake of money. We earned a good amount of money in Groundnut cultivation in Rajkot, but at what cost? Just for the sake of money we had to be away from our family and social life!

We benefited three times with Save’s system of Organic Farming. We have been able to prove that to earn money there is no need to go to a foreign country or do a cheap service without any self-respect. Our ancestors have said that ‘To earn good money, farming is the best way’. Which we have proved with Save’s system. This was the reason that we all Sanghavi brothers have decided not to go in any other business except Farming. So to set one more example we purchased one more 14-acre Farm near Save’s farm and named it as ‘Jain Farm’.

At Jain Farm we are doing that research which no one has ever done. Still we have not received 100% result, so we are keeping mum because of our principle i.e. ‘No preaching without actualk practise’. Half knowledge is worst and it always misguide people like modern method of farming.

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