Organic Medicines

After suffering from various diseases and being cured temporarily by Allopathic and Homeopathic medicines Mr. Ashok Sanghavi did not get much relief. Thus he decided to cure himself and the people around him from all the diseases which are incurable.

Firstly, he looked at the Allopathic and Homeopathic system of curing diseases, but after looking at them from all angles he realized that they are made up of nothing but chemicals and animal body parts. So taking up these systems of curing diseases was out of question because both of them are totally based on cruelty and have many side-effects. So he started looking out for a system which cures diseases and which involve no violence.

Then he looked at the Ayurvedic system. This system involves a detail and in depth study of plants and if you do not have the proper knowledge of this system then you may have to face many side effects. Thus he did not take up this system as now days with the use of chemical-fertilizers in farming, when the plants themselves have lost their nutritional value how will the medicines have any effect in curing diseases. Yet there is a trust at Umbergaon which cures cancer using Organic Ayurvedic herbs. Then too he looked for the simplest medicines.

Finally he came across the Bio-Chemic system of curing diseases. This system was developed by a German doctor named Dr. Schuesshlar, 100 years ago. Dr. Schuesshlar had done a good study on nature and expressed it as follows, “The way we use manures for plants, the same principle applies for man. The person who is totally fed up with his diseased and painful life, for them this natural medicine is like a blessing in disguise. The human body is made up of the five elements of nature: fire, water, wind, earth and the sky and these five elements are made up of 12 salts. Therefore our body is also made up of these 12 salts. During my practice I used these 12 salt medicines only. Whenever a salt reduces from our body we suffer from a disease, hence after diagnosis I'd give the medicines containing that salt and the disease would disappear. These 12 salts are obtained in the form of minerals from the earth only. By scientific ways I mix them in a proper manner and the 12 salt medicines get ready, they give a healthy life to any patient."

This system involved no violence as the raw material for these medicines are extracted from land through scientific ways and are then mixed with proper dosages of milk powder to get the final medicine. These medicines do not need to be tested on animals, as they have 'NO SIDE-EFFECTS' at all, so these medicines are openly sold in the world and these are the only medicines that do not require a doctor's prescription. Thus Mr. Sanghavi finally decided to take up the Biochemic system of medicines.

Even after existing for 100 years this system did not have much effect because people were not following a proper diet control, but Mr. Sanghavi has found the reason of getting diseases and a proper diet to cure them. As he follows the motto of 'NO ADVICE WITHOUT ACTUAL PRACTICE' he first used these medicines and organic food on himself and got 90% relief. Thus from the last 23 years he has been giving these medicines as a holy Prasad for free to various patients and till today not one of them has complained of a side effect or that they are not feeling better. So to get rid of all your diseases you need to just follow the basic diet control and a routine of prescribed medicines and in 15 days you can see results on any disease, however old it may be.

To know all about these Organic medicines, the reasons of getting diseases and methods to cure them you can refer to his book.

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