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Sanghavi Farm (1987)

Sanghavi Farm (2004)

With the blessing of God, we brothers purchased 23 acres of land in the name of Sanghavi farm. The reason for a businessman going towards the farming business was to acquire disease-free food grains along with happiness, peace and healthy-wealthy life.

As we did not know what to grow on this land we approached a modern farming scientist. He prepared a report for the developing our land, it showed an investment of Rs. 60 lacs and profit of lacs of rupees on paper, but there was not guarantee of achieving this profit! In short, ‘Keeping this in mind if one is ready to lose all his then he should go into farming', were the words of the scientist.

As per Mr. Save's philosophical, spiritual and religious talks and experience ‘Farming is not a business, but a religious work. Thus for the complete development of Sanghavi farm only Rs. 50000/- were required.'

So in the year 1987 we started developing our wasteland as holy work. Now let's see our experience and its results are as follows:

Our investment of Rs. 60000/- (development + initial tilling) on the wasteland was returned with a profit of Rs. 15000/- within 4 months.

We got a net profit of Rs. 154/- per tree for cosmopolitan banana plantation. So by Mr. Save's system of Organic Farming we received lacs of rupees.

The west coast's tall variety of Coconut plants fruit only after 7 years, but with Mr. Save's system of Organic Farming we received a bumper production in just 3 years.

Instead of 7 years we got bumper production of Litchi in just 3 years, that too on a highly diseased plant.

We planted Kesar, Rajapuri and Alphanso mangoes. We started getting mango production in just 6 months. With this positive result we have developed a new saying, ‘The father sows mangoes and he eats the fruit.' One another miracle happened with Organic Faming, in the monsoon season mango trees had a second flowering and blossomed. This achievement of ours was covered and telecasted by BBC news.

With Mr. Save's system we grew sugarcane, in which we sow once and reap continuous production 7 to 8 times from the same plant.

On the basic principle of planets (Zodiac signs), we have planted 12 Coconut sapling in a circle. We have named it ‘Mr. Save's Suryamandal'. This experiment got major success on our wasteland; that is why we say that if we apply the same principle then deserts like Rajasthan and Gujarat can be turned into paradises and that too with minimum water. Even if a person has just one acre of land then he and his family of 8 can easily survive on its income.

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