Sanghavi farm: Rajkot

Many farmers have asked us one question, “Our area is dry and very less rainfall so we are not in horticulture but we are in Agriculture. If we have good water and irrigation facility then only we get good production. Does Mr Save system of Organic Farming have any such method, where we don't have to irrigate any water? Can we do Organic farming only with rainwater?”

To answer the above question our story began in 1989. I was earning good profit with Mr Save's system of farming, so I decided to increase the farming area. This time I showed my interest in field crop cultivation. For a special purpose I purchased 20 acres of land in Rajkot ( Gujarat ), which is very far from our Umbergaon Sanghavi Farm. The second special purpose was that, many farmers and scientist argue that, “Your environment and soil is different that is why you have succeeded in doing Organic Farming, but in the dry area your system and Organic Farming will not work because of the difference in soil and environment.” In fact, this was a challenge to us, to prove our ability. So to set an example and to verify Mr Save's system of Organic Farming in agriculture, I purchased land in the dry part of Gujarat.

In Rajkot village a farmer has a 20 acre land; he had almost lost everything due to The Modern Method of Farming, so he sold me the 20 acres of land for Rs 50,000 /- only. He sold the land to us at such a less rate because his land was full of chemical fertilisers and soil ph value was very high. The best fertile land has turned into wasteland.

Our intentions were totally different and we also wanted to prove that no land can ever be a wasteland. Only because of the wrong system farmers turn their good land into wasteland. Now a good fertile land which has developed such high acidic value; can one do Organic farming only with rainwater?

We did all the planning as per our Mr Save system. For proper cleaning, sowing seeds and levelling, we paid Rs 10,000 /- for 20 acres of land. We purchased the seed from open market and we paid totals Rs 10,000 /- for the seeds. Including cost of land we have totally invested Rs 70,000 /- for our research in groundnut cultivation.

In the system of Mr Save, the basic principal is, “After first tilling and sowing, if there is no need, then do not step in the farm, because the soil and seeds' germination gets disturbed.”

For the first time in the Rajkot district we planted groundnut with Mr Save's system of Organic Farming and all the other farmers planted with The Modern Method of Farming. If you verify Rajkot 's monsoon records for the year 1990, then you will see that the monsoon started on time and in the proper way, but the second round was very late. That developed scarcity of water.

As the monsoon started on time and small baby plants was on the soil. The farmer who followed The Modern Method of Farming has done there work, but we did nothing as per Mr Save's system.

All the farmers prayed for second rainfall, but there was no rain. So many had to incur a terrible loss because of no water, all the baby plants got burnt and became totally dry in the heavy sunlight. But with us as usual there was a miracle, without irrigating a single drop of water our baby plants were green and healthy, why so? ( Mr. Save explained the reason and about the systems which is there in the book.)

So, just in four months, after investing Rs 70,000 /- we earned a profit of Rs 80,000 /-! We also collected the data that, “In our Organic groundnut the oil recovery was 30 % more. We did not bother to count the other benefit like that of manure and oil cake.

With our research, we have one more time succeeded to prove that land can never be wasteland. Mr Save's system of Organic farming can be a success anywhere in the world. Also we prove that to earn money farming is the best line.

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