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In India, 70% of the population lives in villages, to get food and wealth they have only one source of farming. From many years Indian agriculture policy, system and planning has gone in the hands of multinational companies. Due to this, agriculture is no longer a profitable business. Every year farming inputs increased by 20%, soil fertility has diminished, water has polluted and becoming scarce, environment has disturbed, agricultural production has decreased, and farmer does not get full value for their product so they have to face losses. Due to all these circumstances farmer have leaved their farm and they migrated to the city side.

To know richness of any country, Agricultural and Milk Productions has been count as base. It is a very simple calculation, if any country farmers are beggars then that country automatically becomes a beggar. India was richest country in the World, use to produces highest farm production and cow milk, but the same richest country land has turned into wasteland and milk production has gone down !! How this has happened? How did farmers become debtors? Why farmers are committing suicide? Why are our animal sent to slaughter houses? Why are we facing water scarcity? In the name of progress the World's Best Farming Country & Richest India is facing very difficult conditions to survive, so the Government of India is begging for financial support from various countries. Not only India many country’s farmers has the same problem. Why we all have to face such circumstances?

To support the entire World’s farmers, we would like to ask you a few questions as this will help us in Saving Government’s & Farmer’s Money and this will stop farmers from committing suicide.

  • Without tilling, manure, watering, crop protection and weeding, can we do farming?
  • Without Government grants, can farmer do farming?
  • With very less work and with very little water, can a farmer earn good profit?
  • Without any support, can we protect the environment?
  • Without medicine, can we cure any diseases?
  • When people have shortage of food and water then, how can we save our animals?
  • Can India become World’s Best Agriculturists?

Does anyone have any answers to these provocative questions?

Our life basic need is ‘Cloth, House and Food’ and to get this, every day World people is trying to find new system. We are sorry to say in the World, there is no School, College or any University in which, one will get right Information and Education about Healthy Food & Living. Only one example, our body need minimum 12 healthy salts and by Morden Method of Farming, we get only three and they all are very toxic !! This is a main reason people have no choice and forcefully eat toxic food. Because of such toxic food lifetime Doctor and People both have to consume medicine and suffer from incurably disease like Cancer etc.

Since 1960, by actual practice Mr. Save’ has collected all the scientific proofs and found a system by which, with ‘Zero’ input and only with little watering one can get toxic free food and minimum 900% profit. After receiving many ‘National, International Award’ & ‘One WORLD Lifetime Achievement Award’ from ‘IFOAM - Germany’, now very PROUDLY we can say, ‘We have World’s Best Mr. Save’s Organic Farming System in India’.

Our Mr. Bhashakar Hiraji Save's life's motto was "To Help and To Serve". Since 1960 Mr. Save’ use to do only 'Organic and Natural Farming' and without any expectation he has revealed the mysteries of his system. Mr. Save’ system will protect our animals, will prevent farmers from committing suicide and we all will get healthy food for our diseases free life.

Today India and many countries need such a farming system and policies, which can bring back the confidence of the farmers. With such assurance and confidence that farmer will get good profit only by little watering. As we said, in the World there is no institution, where one can gets right training about ‘Zero’ input of Organic Farming, so to give right information & education to the farmer we have raised first step in India. To educated farmer by actual training, we have started Organic Farming Classes at our farm. To take part sends APPLICATION FORM of this website. If you are interested to joint or to take over, we are ready to hand over developed farm. By Mr. Save’ system, World people will get right direction to get Health Food, Farmer Suicide will stop, we can cure or will get relief in 15 days from any Disease and we all will get Cleanest Environment.

Inspired by the high demands of the society I Ashok Sanghavi have written a book on my experiences to cure any diseases, also in my book I have written about Mr. Save's experiences of Organic farming. My book name is The Way to Health, Wealth & Happiness, which comprises following 55 chapters. By this book one will get all the answers of Mr. Save’s Organic Farming System.

  • Health-Wealth, Happiness and Peace: Mr. Save’ and I have found the right way of healthy life which we want to dedicate through this book.
  • Why farming?: Life may go on without clothing and shelter, but it cannot go on for long without food.
  • First step towards farming: For a healthy life one needs healthy food. However, due to The Modern Method of Farming today, is the land healthy? No…..! Then make it fertile in just 4 months.
  • The first meeting: Hot discussion between Save & Sanghavi about view of 9900% profit.
  • You are what you eat: India is peace-loving country than by whose sins terrorism has entered in India.
  • Mr. Save's help: Oh! This is a wasteland and we cannot grow anything on it. But……..!!!
  • Discussion with my brothers: Five sons together cannot take care of their parents, but the green world can do it.
  • The beginning: Based on Jainism and non-violence farming is started.
  • Mr. Bhaskar Hiraji Save: Know Mr. Save's life.
  • Path of perseverance: Through hard work received a good amount of profit.
  • Modern farming an illusion: If you want to ruin any country then make the farmer run behind Modern Method of Farming.
  • Paddy by Japanese Method: Really! Are the farmers less intelligent?
  • Water- the lifeline of paddy: without any manure paddy cultivation.
  • Organic paddy: More yield, profit and nutritional production.
  • Organic wheat: The region is not fit for growing wheat but still……
  • Resignation: Government services means to fulfil politicians’ and higher officer's demands by injustice.
  • Income from vegetables: Farmers get lots of income through vegetable cultivation.
  • A bitter experience: In the beginning a single bag of chemical fertilizers will give a startling production. But later…..
  • Horticulture: For the first experiment of 1957, Mr. Save was called a ‘Crazy Man'
  • Moisture, not water: A plant's mother does not allow the roots to go towards water.
  • Organic horticulture: For the experiment of 1957 Mr. Save is now called a ‘Krishi Pundit'
  • Weeds are a blessing: Is nature stupid enough to give birth to an enemy? Why do Modern Farming's scientists consider weeds as an enemy?
  • Only horticulture: From Agronomy crop switched over to Horticulture.
  • Earthworms: Farmer's best friend: Oh God! See the foolishness of men, excreta sold and purchased.
  • Live and Let Live: Due to some greed people's natural cycle has been disturbed, so everyone has to consume toxic food and water. Now the time has changed.
  • Rewards of Honesty : To cheat a farmer means to cheat God. This is the reason why Mr. Save gave up an earning of lacs of rupees.
  • Kalpavruksh farm: Mr. Save is the first person in the world who has re-started Organic Farming in 1960.
  • Water indicator plant: In the whole world only Mr. Save has discovered a first such plant.
  • New relations: Government is impressed with Mr. Save- Sanghavi work, but for promoting….
  • Farm production and income: Mr. Save gets 100% income by investing only 10%, but Sanghavi a businessman is not satisfied.
  • Sanghavi farm: For the first time in the world; a miraculous result on a wasteland' which was registered in the ‘Limca Book of Records'.
  • Seeds and New experiment :The miracles of local seeds and the system to achieve it.
  • Crazy Confidence : The joining of Mr. Sanghavi with Mr. Save.
  • Production of Vegetables : On the wasteland investmenthas returned with profit in four months.
  • Know the truth on Saturday: The work, techniques and thoughts are disclosed to visitors on every Saturday.
  • Chickoo and Litchi: The programs after success.
  • Future planning: Planning for the present and the next generation.
  • Banana production and income: Lacs of rupees' income from a wasteland, but what did the neighbour got with The Modern Method of Farming.
  • A new Coconut experiment: After observation of twin Coconut experiment.
  • Coconuts in 3 years: Instead of 7 years received good production in just 3 years from a wasteland.
  • Mangos: Now the new saying is ‘The father sows a mango and himself eats it.' Mango production in just 6 months and Ashok Baba finds water.
  • Lichee production: Scientists’ false conception and doubt is washed out, by receiving production in just 3 years from a highly diseased plant.
  • Sugarcane: Sow once and reap for a lifetime, on moisture only.
  • Horticlture in a desert: The project got success and by applying it an 8 person family can survive on one acre of land.
  • More profit: In India a horse (organic products) and a donkey (inorganic products) are sold at the same price, but at abroad…..
  • Propagate at abroad: Visits of foreigners to the farm.
  • Ulterior Motives: Mr. Sanghavi refused a monthly income of Rs. 1,35,00,000/- for the welfare of the country.
  • Increase in the water Level: Without any expense an increase in the water table and water requirement decreases. 70% lesser then that required in the Drip irrigation system.
  • 10% input seems more: Low cost experiment is done and received reasonable success.
  • Animals a burden? When animals are treasure mines, then how can they be a burden?
  • Groundnut without water: Grown only with rain water; a successful experiment.
  • Dev farm: Because of ‘The Modern Method of Farming' plants did not bear any fruit for 30 years, the same plants started blooming and fruiting in 6 months.
  • Manipulation of truth: The specialty of Indians is to ‘Work in India and get appreciated abroad.'
  • Healthy life: Arthritis, joint pain and any acute or chronic disease can be cured without any expenditure.
Save Organic Natural Farming Gujarati Book


Save Organic Natural Farming Hindi Book


Save Organic Natural Farming Marathi Book


Save Organic Natural Farming English Book


Book Part -1 has been published in Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi and English. After reading the first edition the farmer community said that this book is like the Holy Book GEET and we have learnt the right way of farming. In first part, we have given the above 55 chapters, which contain the answers about, how Mr. Save started organic farming and how nature helps farmers in Organic Farming.’
In 4 language Book Part –1 is publish and in India with post charges, the cost is Rs. 500/-

Save Organic Natural Farming Gujarati Part 2 Book

Gujarati Part - 2

On people’s demand we will be publishinga Gujarati Book Part - 2, in which we will give all the scientific and concrete proof of Mr. Save’s Organic Farming System. In this book we will show

1) What is ‘Bhgavan – GOD’ and where we can see them actually?

2) After first tilling, why we should not do second tilling?

3) Which is the right manure and from where can we get it free of cost?

4) For Organic Farming, how will we get local variety seed?

5) Only with little water, how can we do organic farming?

6) Without any pest control, how we can protect our healthy crop?

7) The growth of weed & grass, how we can control them? And how animal will live without any expenses?

We will be publishing Gujarati Book Part – 2 on above subject. First we will publish Organic Farming book in Gujarati language and cost will be Rs……………… If there is a demand from people OR from the Government then we will publish the same in other languages. My other book will be publishing about 12 slot of Biochemic Medicines by which one can cure his own disease only by readying.

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Sanghavi family

Sanghavi Farm family with Mother, all Brothers & Sister.

Sanghavi family

Sister-in-Laws and Ashok wife who have supported in Organic Farming.