Received the "Bajaj Foundation Award" by the hands of our Hon'ble Vice President.

As we said that our life’s motto is only one, that is 'Serving Society is Service to God' that is why without any reward, award of expectation since many years we are giving free 'SERVICE' to the society. In the year 1981 Mr. Sanghavi's met Mr. Save' and with Organic Farming Sanghavi brothers got Healthy Life and lot of Benefit from Sanghavi farm's Wasteland, then they started Propagating Mr. Save's System for the benefit of the society. As a result of joint work Sanghavi Brother's have recommended Mr. Save's name for prestigious awards and received awards list are as under :

1. 1993 : 'Person of the year Award' from 'Limca Book of Recorders'- Mumbai.

2. 1993 : Received a place in the 'Limca Book of World Records' for generated the highest production and profit in the world with 'Mr. Save's Organic Farming System'.

1993 : 'Nisarg Bhushan' award from Shri Mohan Dhariya ( M.P. ) president of 'National Foundation of Organic Farming' at Sangli – Maharashtra.

1994 : 'New System of Organic Farming' award from 'Gujarat State Sahakari Bank Ltd'.

1995 : 'New System of Organic Farming for Sugarcane' award from 'Dena Bank Ltd. Kolhapur' - Maharashtra.

1996 : 'Environment Protection Award' from 'Bhartiy Sahitya Sevak Sangh' – Mumbai.

1997 : 'The Second Gandhi of India' received title from The world famous farmar 'Mr. Fukuoka' of Japan.

1998 : 'Mr. Save' is Mr. Fukuoka of India' received title from 'Jatan' 'Sarvoday Organization' of Baroda – Gujarat.

1999 : 'Krushi–Vibhuti' award from 'Rotary Club of Dahanu' – Maharashtra.

2000 : 'Jamnalal Bajaj Award' presented by the Honable Shri Krishna Kant -Vice President of India. For 'Organic Farming Science and Technology' and for 'Rural Development Work'.

2001 : 'Gokul Award' from 'Kolhapur Jill Sahakari Milk Prodection Sangh' - Maharashtra.

2002 : Certificate from 'Krushi & Sahakari Department of Gujarat Government' for 'Low input Organic Farming Technology'.

2003 : Honored with the 'Commual Harmony Certificate' for 'Adoption, Propagation and Publicity by book of Organic Farming System' by 'Maharashtra Government'.

2004 : 'Organic Farming God–Father' award from 'Maharashtra Government – Krushi Department'.

2005 : On the 56 year of 'India's Independence' the Governor Shri Naval Kishor Sharma of Gujarat gave award for ' Free Serice to the Country'.

2006 : 'National Award' from Shri Sharad Pawar - Minister of Agriculture, for the 'Best Cocount Farmer'.

2007 : 'Organic Farming Scientist' award from 'Gokhale Education Society'.

2008 : 'Anubandhi Award' from 'Punyshlok Sadaguru Shiv - Paravati Foundatoon' Pune – Maharashtra.

2008 : 'State Krushi Award' from 'Krushi Vighnan Centre – Ahamadnagar'.

2008 : Certificate for 'Organic Farming Development' from 'The Gujrat Association for Agricultural Sciences'.

2009 : 'Man of the Earth' Award from 'Janirs Internationa Residential & Junior College – Thane (Mumbai).

2009 : 'Gram Shilpi' Award from Shri Shankaracharya at 'Vishwa Mangal Gau Gram Yatra'- Gujarat.

2010 : Receiving 'ONE WORLD Lifetime Achievement AWARD' from 'IFOAM –Germany'


Sir, now we have stop sending our entries and Propagation work, because there is no support from Government side. Why ? you know all the reason of 'Modern Farming System, and Chemical - Fertilizers Organization lobby works in India as well as abroad to stop development and spreading awareness of the 'Organic Farming System'.

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